Just Write (Part I)

By Jennifer Humble


You have cleaned the garage, waxed the refrigerator, dusted every picture frame in view and checked the turn signal fluid in your car. Ok, perhaps you didn’t wax your refrigerator. However, if you checked the turn signal fluid I’m a bit concerned about you. Alrighty, back to the big picture here: even if you haven’t done these extreme activities, you have perhaps tried some crazy things to avoid writing. I know I’m gifted in the avoidance department. Just writing this gave me a clean top shelf in my refrigerator.


Avoidance, why do we do it? We just need to sit, write and flow. Easier said than done when a blank page is staring at you. How do you proceed when you feel the urge to sharpen every pencil in your home? Yes, even the ones stuck in the couch. You proceed by acting as if you are writing. Put some words on the page. Even if all you can write is, “I have lost my mind. What am I doing? Uh-oh, someone just looked over my shoulder, they must think I’m crazy.”


Just start writing. See how it feels. Writing requires obedience but you must first act to make it happen. This action can be as simple as taking tiny writing steps. Say you’ll just write a sentence. Tell yourself it’s only a paragraph. Nothing fancy today, just brainstorming. Take the action of writing and see where it leads you.


Why should you do this you ask? You are in full ‘writer’s block’ mode you say? How will acting like you are writing help? Because obedience leads to action. Action leads to using your gift. God gave you a special gift and even if the world is swirling around you insanely, your gift is unique. Offer it up as a living sacrifice. Worship the One who loves you abundantly. You will be amazed by what your next sentence will bring. Abundance grace.


“Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship.” Romans 12:1

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