Pink Gowns To Hope

By Mel Morrison


Give us this day our yearly checkups

As women, many of us know that once a year it is important to get check- ups. The emblem of Pink bows marks the season for remembrance of those we cherish and survive.  The pink gowns are reminders for the rest of us to get our yearly Mammograms which take some convincing for us to do. It still takes guts and gumption to get us there. CANCER is a word none of us want to hear or face.


It Is My Turn

Timing is everything, so my path to the Whitley-Hendrickson Building for my yearly mammogram was set into motion. I followed the pink-ribbon row to the second floor check-in a bit early. I was greeted by very friendly, “dressed to the nines” in all pink staff where I was led to the seating area  for patients and guests and a cool atmosphere with a massage chair, and a Zhen’ feeling to the room quickly soothed my nerves.


Grace Intervenes

I waked to the area where you wait before the mammogram and I put on my pink gown and I rocked it.  As I sat down, this young lady across from me is very anxious and scared.  She is probably in her early thirties at best.  A nurse comforts her as they are going over history.  She heard the words CANCER! It must run in her family.  Have you experienced this? Are you going through this now? I remember what the Lord says about this 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on me, because he cares for you.”  God’s grace kicked into action and I only had a few seconds to be first responder for him and a woman to her.


How do you comfort one another in a moment of fear?  I said to her, “If you do not face the fight before you, you may not know the “what if’s” that might have’s” been later. Knowing the truth will help to set you free.”  FightShe put on her pink gown to hope. What about you?  I am set to go follow my pink-ribbon row for another year has come to put on my pink gown.

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