The Intentional Cross

— Mel Morrison —

Breathtaking Views
Have you seen them? Have you looked up at the beauty to behold above: breathtaking,
majestic writing in the skies of floating crosses and angelic formations these past few weeks?
They have been incredible and I am in full wonder and amazement of the many I have seen. I do not know about you, but I see them from east to west from sunrise to the hues of purple and amber sunsets. I want to know what directions you are going as you go about your busy days and ways. Do you know that the skies are writing you an invitation to come to something greater than yourself?
Intentional Focus
These crosses are no accident and God is very intentional with his purpose. He chooses
Thanksgiving and our holiday seasons to dare us to focus on something greater than our lives.

We gather with family and friends to eat, pray, and shop. We focus on the next day, “Black Friday,” a day in which a crowds are eager, to rush and to get the deals. They “prepare like there is no tomorrow.” The doors open! GASP! CHARGE: leap over loved ones and strangers, and they CRUSH the competition to get the gift even if it is for themselves. Has this been you?
True Black Friday
Unlike the crowds of today, two thousand years ago, a crowd gathered on the very dawn of this Friday and they crucified and killed an innocent man, Jesus. He was guilty of loving us to the point of death on a cross. Yet while we were sinners, he died because he still loves us. This is the day our Lord has made so we can rejoice because love was slain for our sakes, but not just for football, or crushing through stores, but for the eternal message written in the skies above: The cross is the day ALL sin fell on him.
How many do not realize that you may be missing the Friday within your hearts? As servants of God we are called to go the streets and invite many to come. Shopping days are dwindling down. A Thousand years are like a day and day is like a Thousand years. God is not slow in keeping his promises and he does not want anyone to perish. How many more “Black Fridays”will you wait before you chose to receive the greatest gift that does not?

2Peter 3:8-9 NIV
My hope is that you will receive his eternal messages found in his intentional cross. May you live a life full of purpose and focus in his will and receive his gift that will never perish.

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