Ready, Set, and Go


— Mel Morrison


Ring Tones of chimes and tick-tocks going off.  These symphony of various clocks ring from watches, phones, and Fitbits clashing noises announce the day, date, and time.


Ready, Set, and Go!

Time is a treasure no one captures or collects. The busybodies of today are racing to get to, but now exhausted,  you pause to catch your breath at red lights and then you hit the snooze button three times to get additional rest.


Time Saver’s Sacrifice:

Time saved is better than the sacrifice. The rush is on to gather, but not be together.  Time spent in lines at kiosk, ATM’s and drive-thru,-”may I take your order,” we lose the community and family. Texting replaces the intimate conversations and casual gestures of “have a good day” and virtual “lol” is easier than contagious laughter filling a room. Time’s saved, but tomorrow is not promised.


Time Goes on:

Minutes blink into days, three hundred and sixty-five in a year. Society is too busy or old school to send a card or write a letter, so email is better, but what about the in between. The falling behind, running against numbered days. Time goes on with or without loved ones. Are the forgotten on your mind?


Time Matters:

Time is a treasure not to be wasted racing to or running behind.  Ecclesiastes 3:6 says A time to get and a time to lose; a time to keep, and time to cast away.”  How will you treasure yourse?


“Let us not stop meeting together and encouraging one another.”  I stand in the gaps of lost time and memory, so I choose to remain in community. I know it is not time itself, but the precious gift we have in time with each other.



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