Ready, Set, and Go

  -- Mel Morrison   Ring Tones of chimes and tick-tocks going off.  These symphony of various clocks ring from watches, phones, and Fitbits clashing noises announce the day, date, and time.   Ready, Set, and Go! Time is a treasure no one captures or collects. The busybodies of today are racing to get to,... Continue Reading →

In The Weeds With God

-- Patrick Peter Why does God allow bad things to happen?   One night, I was in my bedroom praying and just reading the scripture. It took a while but finally, I grew still from all the demands of my day. I read Matthew 13:24-30: He put another parable before them, saying, "The kingdom of heaven... Continue Reading →

The Intentional Cross

-- Mel Morrison -- Breathtaking Views Have you seen them? Have you looked up at the beauty to behold above: breathtaking, majestic writing in the skies of floating crosses and angelic formations these past few weeks? They have been incredible and I am in full wonder and amazement of the many I have seen. I... Continue Reading →

Just Write (Part II)

By Jennifer Humble You have written your heart producing a page of tear stains and laughter. The one thing about a ‘heart writing’ is that you can almost guarantee a stab of insecurity will follow. If this never happens to you, please humor me as I’m the queen of insecurity.  The mantra of “You shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Pink Gowns To Hope

By Mel Morrison   Give us this day our yearly checkups As women, many of us know that once a year it is important to get check- ups. The emblem of Pink bows marks the season for remembrance of those we cherish and survive.  The pink gowns are reminders for the rest of us to... Continue Reading →

A Total Eclipse of Belief

By: Pam Cropper-Vice It seems like everyone is gearing up for a nearly total eclipse of the sun next week.  In the areas where you can view a total eclipse there is supposed to be a couple of minutes of total darkness. A total eclipse is very rare and only occurs once in a great... Continue Reading →

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