Noble Wife and Suffering Servant

-- Mel Morrison   A woman clothed with strength and dignity Charm is deceptive and over time beauty flees Woven from a rib and flesh from dust, Scarlett’s fearless Her ashes repentance firestorm, forgiven Harlot is crowned, a noble wife and woman   He grew up before him prophecy announced Like a tender shoot, a... Continue Reading →

Lost Love at Sea

-- Mel Morrison Old pain is stirring, Lost love hurting. Storms are brewing. High tide rising. Tears are flowing. My Heart is sinking. Waves are tossed about. Boat out to sea. Soul begins to sink. Lost soul; an eerie calm; the wind whispers, “now do you believe?” Whispers fade away. The wind blows no more.... Continue Reading →

Cliche of Dust and Ashes

  -- Mel Morrison       I am a cliché of dust and ashes. Nothing more than yesterday’s forgotten left behind. Do I perceive the lies that tarnish the mind and condemns? I see unrecognized pieces of myself, shattered clay and dirt? So broken I can’t breathe and wonder what is my reason for... Continue Reading →

A Wretched Soul’s Christmas

-- Mel Morrison Christmas is a time and season full of and joy and good cheer. But for this wretched soul, ghostly thoughts chase me and sobering taunts linger near. Time to remember our Christmas memories: some good but most of them sad. “They” will recall the smell of homemade cookies and a crackling fire... Continue Reading →

When I Draw Near Jesus: Psalm 2

Mel Morrison When I draw near Jesus, I breathe him in. Exhale praises to his name.   When I draw near Jesus, I pause! I reflect. I struggle to catch my breath. My trials are intensifying and my suffering’s burning my purpose into flame.   I refresh! I renew! I know I am here. I... Continue Reading →

He Did This For Me

By Mel Morrison   PSALM 1 You Did This for Me   They say you know my heart, If I come to your cross, My sins will be gone, and I will be free. You did this for me? You did this for me.   The world has said that God is dead; And my... Continue Reading →

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