Do Not Be Deceived

-- Ron Servant   There are many different forms of evil in this world. There are some forms of evil that can make certain people think they had no creator. They believe that they can live their lives any way they want to. They have become so deceived by the evil of this world that... Continue Reading →

Not How or Why, But Who

-- Ron Servant There are many ideas in this world. Some people who have researched these ideas believe that they are based on the truth. But some of the ideas are based on theory, which is not necessarily the truth. Some ideas have been discarded because they were not applicable in the real world, and... Continue Reading →

The Quest for Inner Faith

-- Ron Servant -- Inner Faith is necessary for us so we can communicate with God. Inner Faith helps us to know what God’s will is for our lives. It leads us to the calling that God has placed on our lives to fulfill His purpose. Inner Faith gives us the victory we need to... Continue Reading →

A Total Eclipse of Belief

By: Pam Cropper-Vice It seems like everyone is gearing up for a nearly total eclipse of the sun next week.  In the areas where you can view a total eclipse there is supposed to be a couple of minutes of total darkness. A total eclipse is very rare and only occurs once in a great... Continue Reading →

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