Not So Fast … Have Patience

--Ron Servant Many people are in a hurry or in a rush. They cannot seem to have enough time to get everything done in one day. They become so busy they do not take time to do the things that are really important. These things can be taking time to do a certain project that... Continue Reading →

Encouragement Makes A Difference

-- Ron Servant There are many things that can make us discouraged such as different kinds of problems we face through our lives. These problems can include relationships with coworkers on the job that may not go so well at times because of disagreements about the way things should be run. Problems can also include... Continue Reading →

Dear Little Me – Lost Memories

-- Mel Morrison   Dear little me,   I fall asleep dreaming and imagine you at nine, roller skating around the rink and at twelve climbing trees high enough to reach the stars.  I imagine you at fourteen, catching fireflies on those warm summer nights. Chills awaken me. You are not real, painful lost memories... Continue Reading →

Purpose and Meaning

--  Ron Servant There are so many opportunities that are in different parts of the world, especially here in America. Many people use these opportunities to help them make a better life for them and their families. These opportunities give them the idea of what kind of person they would like to become in this... Continue Reading →

Lost Love at Sea

-- Mel Morrison Old pain is stirring, Lost love hurting. Storms are brewing. High tide rising. Tears are flowing. My Heart is sinking. Waves are tossed about. Boat out to sea. Soul begins to sink. Lost soul; an eerie calm; the wind whispers, “now do you believe?” Whispers fade away. The wind blows no more.... Continue Reading →

Not How or Why, But Who

-- Ron Servant There are many ideas in this world. Some people who have researched these ideas believe that they are based on the truth. But some of the ideas are based on theory, which is not necessarily the truth. Some ideas have been discarded because they were not applicable in the real world, and... Continue Reading →

Contentment Without Godliness

-- Ron Servant   There are so many people who are not satisfied with the lives they live. There can be many reasons why they cannot seem to be content with their lives. Some things may be they are bound up into drug and alcohol. The money they make from their jobs is spent on... Continue Reading →

The Quest for Inner Faith

-- Ron Servant -- Inner Faith is necessary for us so we can communicate with God. Inner Faith helps us to know what God’s will is for our lives. It leads us to the calling that God has placed on our lives to fulfill His purpose. Inner Faith gives us the victory we need to... Continue Reading →

Just Dreaming

By Pamela Cropper-Vice   Just Dreaming We race through life fulfilling obligations.  We go to school, get a job, get married, have children, act as caregivers and so forth.  We are always in a hurry.  Time off from work means a quick weekend get-away, or a too short vacation, and we are packing up to... Continue Reading →

Just Write (Part I)

By Jennifer Humble   You have cleaned the garage, waxed the refrigerator, dusted every picture frame in view and checked the turn signal fluid in your car. Ok, perhaps you didn’t wax your refrigerator. However, if you checked the turn signal fluid I’m a bit concerned about you. Alrighty, back to the big picture here:... Continue Reading →

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