Encouragement Makes A Difference

-- Ron Servant There are many things that can make us discouraged such as different kinds of problems we face through our lives. These problems can include relationships with coworkers on the job that may not go so well at times because of disagreements about the way things should be run. Problems can also include... Continue Reading →

Dear Little Me – Lost Memories

-- Mel Morrison   Dear little me,   I fall asleep dreaming and imagine you at nine, roller skating around the rink and at twelve climbing trees high enough to reach the stars.  I imagine you at fourteen, catching fireflies on those warm summer nights. Chills awaken me. You are not real, painful lost memories... Continue Reading →

Cliche of Dust and Ashes

  -- Mel Morrison       I am a cliché of dust and ashes. Nothing more than yesterday’s forgotten left behind. Do I perceive the lies that tarnish the mind and condemns? I see unrecognized pieces of myself, shattered clay and dirt? So broken I can’t breathe and wonder what is my reason for... Continue Reading →

A Wretched Soul’s Christmas

-- Mel Morrison Christmas is a time and season full of and joy and good cheer. But for this wretched soul, ghostly thoughts chase me and sobering taunts linger near. Time to remember our Christmas memories: some good but most of them sad. “They” will recall the smell of homemade cookies and a crackling fire... Continue Reading →

The Intentional Cross

-- Mel Morrison -- Breathtaking Views Have you seen them? Have you looked up at the beauty to behold above: breathtaking, majestic writing in the skies of floating crosses and angelic formations these past few weeks? They have been incredible and I am in full wonder and amazement of the many I have seen. I... Continue Reading →

Pink Gowns To Hope

By Mel Morrison   Give us this day our yearly checkups As women, many of us know that once a year it is important to get check- ups. The emblem of Pink bows marks the season for remembrance of those we cherish and survive.  The pink gowns are reminders for the rest of us to... Continue Reading →

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