Not So Fast … Have Patience

--Ron Servant Many people are in a hurry or in a rush. They cannot seem to have enough time to get everything done in one day. They become so busy they do not take time to do the things that are really important. These things can be taking time to do a certain project that... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, and Go

  -- Mel Morrison   Ring Tones of chimes and tick-tocks going off.  These symphony of various clocks ring from watches, phones, and Fitbits clashing noises announce the day, date, and time.   Ready, Set, and Go! Time is a treasure no one captures or collects. The busybodies of today are racing to get to,... Continue Reading →

In The Weeds With God

-- Patrick Peter Why does God allow bad things to happen?   One night, I was in my bedroom praying and just reading the scripture. It took a while but finally, I grew still from all the demands of my day. I read Matthew 13:24-30: He put another parable before them, saying, "The kingdom of heaven... Continue Reading →

The Intentional Cross

-- Mel Morrison -- Breathtaking Views Have you seen them? Have you looked up at the beauty to behold above: breathtaking, majestic writing in the skies of floating crosses and angelic formations these past few weeks? They have been incredible and I am in full wonder and amazement of the many I have seen. I... Continue Reading →

Just Write (Part II)

By Jennifer Humble You have written your heart producing a page of tear stains and laughter. The one thing about a ‘heart writing’ is that you can almost guarantee a stab of insecurity will follow. If this never happens to you, please humor me as I’m the queen of insecurity.  The mantra of “You shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

He Did This For Me

By Mel Morrison   PSALM 1 You Did This for Me   They say you know my heart, If I come to your cross, My sins will be gone, and I will be free. You did this for me? You did this for me.   The world has said that God is dead; And my... Continue Reading →

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