Lost Love at Sea

-- Mel Morrison Old pain is stirring, Lost love hurting. Storms are brewing. High tide rising. Tears are flowing. My Heart is sinking. Waves are tossed about. Boat out to sea. Soul begins to sink. Lost soul; an eerie calm; the wind whispers, “now do you believe?” Whispers fade away. The wind blows no more.... Continue Reading →

In The Weeds With God

-- Patrick Peter Why does God allow bad things to happen?   One night, I was in my bedroom praying and just reading the scripture. It took a while but finally, I grew still from all the demands of my day. I read Matthew 13:24-30: He put another parable before them, saying, "The kingdom of heaven... Continue Reading →

Love and Forgive

-- Ron Servant Looking at what is happening in our world today; we can see that many peoples’ lives are being broken by the violence that is going on. It is sad to see peoples’ lives being taken from them because others do not care about who they hate or harm. Many people are suffering... Continue Reading →

The Quest for Inner Faith

-- Ron Servant -- Inner Faith is necessary for us so we can communicate with God. Inner Faith helps us to know what God’s will is for our lives. It leads us to the calling that God has placed on our lives to fulfill His purpose. Inner Faith gives us the victory we need to... Continue Reading →

Love Holds and Love Stands

  By Mel Morrison   My heart bleeds love as I glance at a picture frame of my love and I embraced in a kiss at precisely three-thirty three. I believe it was springtime in 2006 of May as Cam reminds me, “It was a picture of our wedding day.” With tears dripping down my... Continue Reading →

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