Just Write (Part II)

By Jennifer Humble You have written your heart producing a page of tear stains and laughter. The one thing about a ‘heart writing’ is that you can almost guarantee a stab of insecurity will follow. If this never happens to you, please humor me as I’m the queen of insecurity.  The mantra of “You shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Just Dreaming

By Pamela Cropper-Vice   Just Dreaming We race through life fulfilling obligations.  We go to school, get a job, get married, have children, act as caregivers and so forth.  We are always in a hurry.  Time off from work means a quick weekend get-away, or a too short vacation, and we are packing up to... Continue Reading →

Just Write (Part I)

By Jennifer Humble   You have cleaned the garage, waxed the refrigerator, dusted every picture frame in view and checked the turn signal fluid in your car. Ok, perhaps you didn’t wax your refrigerator. However, if you checked the turn signal fluid I’m a bit concerned about you. Alrighty, back to the big picture here:... Continue Reading →

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