Soul Writer

By Mel Morrison


She takes a deep breath and exhales.
How deep and how long will I wait?
The soul is exploding to write.
Creative morsels melt her mind;
The Soul Writer takes flight.

With anticipation, the Soul Writer holds on tightly to her pen
While she is filled with morsels from above;
As her pen drips words onto the page glistening with hope;
Each stroke of her pen reveals a story to be told.

Visions appear in streams of crystal clear waters;
Reflections of her soul’s ashes flicker then fade;
For what she is writing is healing and grace.
Her soul sees the future for eternal sons and daughters.

What endlessly flows is love and what remains are words.
Is your soul ready to take flight?
Are you filled with anticipation in your mind?
The soul provider takes away the ashes and gives life.

She takes a deep breath and exhales.
Now she is filled with love, hope and wonder again.
The Soul Writer grabs her pen.


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