Just Write (Part II)

By Jennifer Humble

You have written your heart producing a page of tear stains and laughter. The one thing about a ‘heart writing’ is that you can almost guarantee a stab of insecurity will follow. If this never happens to you, please humor me as I’m the queen of insecurity.  The mantra of “You shouldn’t care what other people think” isn’t my favorite. Easy words to say, difficult to stop shaking long enough to follow.


You feel God has given you a gift. You sense the power of His Spirit when you write. You mentally assess who will be annoyed by your words. Eek, that last one doesn’t seem to fit the beauty of the first two. Unfortunately, in this world we want people to like us. Sometimes we seek it more than knowing the Truth. The send, print, submit button feel miles away as faces flash across our minds. Will they still talk to us after this? Will we be invited to the next picnic? Even when Truth is coated with love and wrapped in kindness, there will be those who miss our intentions.


God knows your intentions. He hears your prayers as words flow across the page. He knows your true heart. Trust Him. If you need to write the words “Trust Him!” in big bold letters and put it near your writing desk, do so immediately.


Trust Him that your words will go where He intends as He is in the process of preparing hearts. You see, you’re not alone in the writing process. This fact runs around in your head, but it’s running faster than you can catch it. Stop. Pray. Grab that thought! God is indeed preparing hearts for your words. Send them fearlessly into the world so He may plant them. Yes, it’s time to rest in the knowledge God is in control. As you pull up your chair in obedience to write, also be in obedience to send your words into the world. This is your spiritual worship.


“Therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; this is your spiritual worship.” Romans 12:1

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